10 Most Common Motorcycle Accidents Causes You Must Know

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Riding a motorcycle gives a significant adrenaline rush and an exhilarating experience but comes with a lot of risk. The reason is that motorcycles lack a protective structure to prevent accidents or injuries. Thus, having a brief idea of some most common and popular causes of motorcycle accidents keeps you safe. 

If you do not know about common causes of motorcycle accidents, we have covered you. In this article, we will highlight some most common causes suggested by Georgia motorcycle accident lawyer that result in accidents. Let’s dive in! 

10 Most Common Motorcycle Accidents Causes You Must Know

1. Weather 

Riding a motorcycle in unfavorable weather conditions like rain, smoke, fog, ice and more causes accidents due to slippery roads and pavements, causing unwanted physical injuries. 

2. Riders Age 

Older or very young riders are at risk of motorcycle accidents as the ability to maneuver either declines or is not developed fully, which is essential to operating a motorcycle. 

3. Traffic  

Lane splitting, especially while in traffic, generally causes accidents as other vehicles like cars, trucks, and more are larger and heavier, which can cause damage.  

4. Speeding

Riding a motorcycle at high speed is also a common cause of motorcycle accidents. It removes the control from the rider’s hand, making it challenging to tackle tough situations. 

5. Alcohol

Riding a motorcycle under the influence of alcohol or drugs is the biggest mistake you can make, which causes accidents. Since you’re not fully attentive because of alcohol, it results in accidents.

6. Lack of Licensing & Experience

Not having enough practice or experience in driving can also be a reason for accidents. Thus, it is best to avoid traffic areas if you’re learning to ride a motorcycle. 

7. Reckless Riding

Driving a motorcycle recklessly also contributes largely to motorcycle accidents. Not following rules, driving extremely fast and dangerously causes damage. 

8. Lack of Anti-lock Brakes

Before riding a motorcycle, ensuring that both brakes work efficiently is vital. This avoids the risk of injuries and even death. 

9. Physical or Emotional Impairment 

Riding a motorcycle is a demanding skill. Thus, any physical or emotional impairment like weak cognitive and reflexive connection, stress or distraction can lead to accidents.  

10. Mechanical Problems 

Mechanical problems can also lead to motorcycle accidents. Thus, ensure your motorcycle is well-maintained and serviced before riding. 

Wrapping Up!

Motorcycle accidents are quite common worldwide. You should be aware that these are the top 10 common causes of motorcycle accidents. 

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